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Street Heavy DVD Vol. 2

28.90 AUD
R13: Contains offensive language.

1. Intro
2. 44 Meta4z, Dziak, Big Willz & Heavy Trade - Doughboy Anthem (Music Video)
3. Lyrix (Freestyle)
4. Spectak (Freestyle)
5. Pakkz (Freestyle)
6. Juse 1, Tuone, Lyrix & Kapabal ( Freestyle Cypha)
7. Nytmare - Ghetto Princess (Music Video)
8. D1 (Freestyle)
9. Kapabal (Freestyle)
10. Chong nee (Freestyle)
11. Jay Oh & Lyrix (Freestyle Cypha)
12. Rugged Tek (Freestyle)
13. Percieve (Freestyle)
14. Percieve - Always be There (Music Video)
15. J Star (Freestyle)
16. Kapabal (Freestyle)
17. Young Sid, Ethical, Tyree, Deach, Neesh, Juse, Toni Cooper (Interview)
- includes
Young Sid (Freestyle)
Young Sid - Hood Like Me (Music Video)
Ethical (Freestyle)
Neesh (Freestyle)
Tyree - Now or Never (Live at Coyotes, Wellington)
18. Tyna & JB featuring Ethical - Not Your Regular (Music Video)
19. Fame, Chozin Few, AL & King Homeboy (Freestyle Cypha)
20. MC Choirboy (Rage
1. Street Heavy Comedy Hour
2. Infared Interview

1. Juse 1 (Triple S) & Doughboy - Graffiti Documentary
2. Dj Sirvere (Interview)
3. Dj Sirvere (Interview)
4. Usouljah (Interview)

Street Heavy volume 2 once again delivers this time with a two DVD package full of local content including live gigs, independent music videos, gritty and honest interviews, street knowledge, graffiti writers and pieces, comedy and of course that raw underground un-edited and uncensored rhyme riddled ciphers from the side streets and alleys around Wellington city. Featuring more rappers, more ciphers, more videos, more graffiti and more interviews and its still only scratching the surface

This is Aotearoa's very own window into our Hip Hop scene documenting it as it is, when it is, where it is when they do their thing, capturing the locals at their best and not so best, talking business or hanging out, in battle mode or just fooling around, kicking the styles and keeping it real.

This is Street Heavy Volume 2, this is New Zealand/Aotearoa Hip Hop.
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