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Street Heavy DVD Vol. 1

24.90 AUD
R16: Contains drug use and offensive language

It's been a long time coming, but finally New Zealand has a street DVD series it can call its own. Put together by Upper Hutt M.C. producer Kapabal, and fellow producer T. Mo, this underground release is as real as it gets.
- DJ Sirvere (Back 2 Basics Magazine)

Street Heavy Volume 1 is the mastermind of Wellington based emcee/music producer Kapabal (Capable) and video producer T. Mo. Put together in a magazine style format and designed to showcase and document the growing talent in the underground Hip Hop scene of Aotearoa (New Zealand). A journey witnessing what isn't shown in the mainstream media and right into the streets corners, outside gigs, inside gigs and anywhere and everywhere that MCs would congregate to wield their sharp wit and hone their verbal skills. Featuring freestyles, battles, cyphers, exclusive interviews, music videos and behind the scene footage of some of Aotearoas more well-known artists. The DVD contains footage mostly from around Wellington with the exception of Ear To The Street which was done in Otara (Auckland) and BBQ Talk which was done in West Auckland. Compiled and presented by both Kapabal and T. Mo, Street Heavy Volume 1 is as the name suggests the first of many more to come. Street Heavy Volume 1 is raw footage at its best and the most honest slice of Hip Hop you will ever see from the heart of New Zealand, Aotearoa. Real people, real Hip Hop.
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